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Berkshire Lake


1848 Alexander Rd.

Galena, Oh. 43021

(740) 965-2321


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The Story

Bill and Marge Davis had the dream of creating a place where families like their own could spend time together in the outdoors.  They dreamed of the giggles of small children as they jumped into a pool and the peacefulness of taking a nap underneath a big shade tree.  They visualized small boys with fishing poles over their shoulders walking to the lake.  They could even smell fried potatoes, scrambled eggs, and bacon cooking on a Coleman stove.


In 1966 with 5 kids and a hole in their pockets, Bill and Marge invested all they had and purchased land in Galena, Ohio.  The dream was shared with their children, and year after year, improvement after improvement, Berkshire Lake Campground grew to what it is today.  What began as open land a few rustic camp sites is now 81 acres of primarily wooded area with over 300 full service lots.  If you walk around the lake, chances are you'll see a fish jump - and if you stop by the office you'll hear a splash as someone jumps into the pool.

Forty years later, thousands of families have visited their dream!  Today, you can hear the laughter of children and the crackle of a campfire.  You can enjoy a lazy afternoon under a shade tree, walk to the lake and drop a line, or pitch a game of horseshoes.  Bill and Marge, their children, and even some of their grandchildren are still here making sure that their family dream continues on so that your family has a fun, safe place to enjoy the outdoors.  While here, you might even meet some of those giggling kids who were here in 1966.  Berkshire Lake Campground has become a family tradition, not only for the Davis's, but for all those baby boomers who now come with their children and grandchildren.

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